The fastest week has already gone….

So, I titled this email that because this week has gone by SO DARN FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t BELIEVE how fast the days are going and they keep going faster and today I’ve been gone 11 months and it only feels like 6….WOW, time goes by REALLY fast when you are serving the Lord! ahahah 🙂

Anyway, this week was pretty good! We went to Rosario so that Hermana Wood could get all legal to live here in Argentina! We visited a LOT of people, and we did ALMOST everything to move into our new house!
One sad but SUPER special thing happened this week! Our investigatores, who are the best, told us some good news and bad news…The good news is that Carmelo, the dad, got a job!!!!!!! He now has a solid job to start helping his family a lot more and to be the real provider of his house! The bad news, Carmelo nor Susana can’t go to Santa Fe to be married because he can’t take off work and because they missed their date to go and get married 😦 So we are not sure when they will get baptized but we were SO grateful that Carmelo could start work and do so well in providing for his family!!!!! When Satan understands that something AMAZING is about to happen like a marriage to be baptized, he works with ALL his might to not make it happen, but this whole time, we have never lost hope!!!!! I KNOW that they will get married! They are just the best people and love to go to church, read, and pray so we weren’t so sad because everything is gonna work out so well after all these trials of faith! So we passed by their house a lot and helped them and it went really well and now they are doing better 🙂 So yeah!!!!
Anyways, this week was pretty long but also the fastest week ever! Can’t believe how the time is going by but HOW GRATEFUL AM I TO BE HERE IN ARGENTINA AT THIS TIME! I have recieved SO many blessings from all the members who are so willing to help us and especially from the people we have to teach who are so willing to listen to our message and accept it in their hearts! The mission has changed me a lot and I can’t accept how fast this time is going to go by!!!!! haha But, that’s why I’M MAKING THE MOST OF IT!!!!
I love you all! Be safe!!!!
Con amor
Hermana Christiansen
IMG_0502 IMG_0500 IMG_0501

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