Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone had an AWESOME fourth of july! This one year mark is coming up super fast! Wanna know how we spent our fourth of july? In our house!!!!! The fourth, Argentina played Chile in the South American tournament and because Argentina is CRAZY about soccer we ended up staying in the house for safety reasons. But…we lost….so it didn´t even matter anyways. Argentina was pretty sad but…oh well! 😉 hahah 

Also, this week we had divisions, or in other words, I went to Centro with Hermana Fairbanks and my companion worked with Hermana Robinson in our area. That was a lot of fun! It made me think about the things I want to accomplish on the home stretch of the mission, and I decided to make a bucket list! Ya know…you should try that some day! Making a bucket list is the funnest thing ever! It gets you thinking about your goals. Not just spiritual goals, but what you want to accomplish in this life or just in this time. It was the best thing ever to think about not only the things I want to see in my mission but also what I would like to do to change spiritually as well. It was really fun, I invite you all to think about bucket lists! It´s fun and I´ve already accomplished some of the things on it and it makes life a lot more interesting and fun! hahaha DO IT!

And another thing…read the book of mormon! I´ve already read it twice, I´m on my third time and I would like to read it again. This book had changed my life more than any other book or thing that is in my life!!!!!!! I´ve changed so much in so little time and it is gracias to that book!!!! Please read it, please meditate, and please put it in practice in your everyday lives! I promise that it WILL make a difference! Do it, the blessings are big and real. Very real. Not just words. DO IT!

Haha anyways, I love and miss you all so much! Hope you have the best week ever! 🙂

Con amor

Hermana Christiansen

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