Hola todos :)

HOLA, como andan??? 😉 haha how is everyone doing? I´m doing great! The first week living in our own house!!!! It was really fun because now we are so close to everything and everyone, we even have NEIGHBORS who are members of the church. It was really fun getting to know everything….again basically 🙂 

This last week we ALMOST had a baptism. And I learned a very important lesson. Prayer is the most important thing. And following the Holy Ghost. We were so close to getting María baptized so we passed by her house and it turns out that she had not prayed about getting baptized and that´s why she and her mom were really confused about it. María just kept saying she wanted to be baptized so bad but her mom was like, no she needs to wait, and everything so we asked her to REALLY pray about it and we talked a lot about that. Just following the spirit and when we pray, we should WAIT for the answer afterwards to really feel that spirit and know with clarity if the thing is right or wrong. A lot of times, God will answer us IN THE MOMENT, really quickly, but some times, it really just isn´t like that and we really need to meditate and think on the answer and then we will recieve it. So we left her to pray about it and when we came back her mom told us she had recieved her answer and wants to be baptized soon, it was really cool! We are hoping she will be ready by the 4th of July. Because….it´s the 4th of July!!!!! And also because we want her to get baptized 🙂 

Anyways, not much else happened…it rained quite a bit and we got super muddy riding everywhere and that was sure fun! haha not really, it´s really interesting to go on bike in the rain! 😉 

I love you all and miss you as well! Have a safe and blessed week over there….

Con amor

Hermana Christiansen

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