ONE YEAR!!!!!! (and four days….)

Hello everyone!!!!!!! Wow, this week went by WAY too fast! haha I hope everyone had the best week ever, filled with plenty of blessings and love!

This week was good for me, the highlight was that I made it to a year with the Hermana Wood! It was super fun to have someone with you who has the same time because then it´s just crazy and you start to think about what you have done and everything that has happened over this last year!
As I was thinking about this past year, I was thinking about the great change I have had in my life, it has been HUGE. Everything has changed, I feel like a new person haha, but really! The gospel has the biggest influence on a life than any other thing in this world! The gospel has changed my life, the big test is what I will do with that change afterwards! This time helps so much to start good habits, not be afraid of talking to everyone, and so much more. I am so grateful for this time, it has been the best. The next 6 months are gonna go by super fast but I´m so ready for them!!!!!
Anyways, the most important thing is to cherish each moment! If I think the mission is fast, just wait for life! Life is so fast. The years go by fast, and the days even faster, cherish every single day because you never know what memories you can make or what can happen! I´m so grateful for everything I have done and am doing, we have two girls we are teaching that are AMAZING and I´m super excited to see what happens!
Anyways, have an awesome week and I love you all! 🙂
Hermana Christiansen
IMG_0685 IMG_0699 IMG_0694 IMG_0701 IMG_0648 IMG_0702 IMG_0686 IMG_0646 IMG_0647 IMG_0662

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