5 months!

This week was super crazy! This week, lots of people got flooded and the church has been just taking stuff and taking stuff and helping all those people so much! It´s been awesome to see what the members are willing to do when catastrophes happen. They have been taking carloads of clothes, food, beds, everything! Let´s hope it stops raining a little bit, it´s rained 14 inches in the last week or so!!!!!! Wow! Luckily, our house never flooded so, we are counting our blessings for this cause. 

Also this week, we got the awesome opportunity to help someone stop smoking! So here´s how it went….we taught the word of wisdom and really focused on stop smoking. She has always wanted to stop smoking, her kids want her to stop smoking, everyone. So she knew she had to do it. Thanks to revelation, the church has a GREAT program to stop smoking so we gave her that. She was SO happy and SO anxious to stop smoking. So we asked her for her cigarettes. To take away the temptation to smoke. She gave them up SUPER willingly, so the whole day we ended up walkig around with a pack of cigarettes! hahah it was pretty funny but awesome because she is so willing to change! She went from smoking a pack a day to only 2 and just keeps trying to smoke less and less everyday! It was so awesome to help her and to destroy a pack of cigarettes 😉 haha

ALSO, yesterday, Sunday, was kid day. A day where they celebrate just kids. Have a party and do fun stuff just for the kids. So Saturday, we did a super fun activity where all the kids dressed up as super heros or princesses. And they played lots of games and ate food and it was really fun! Me and hermana Wood wore crowns and helped the little kids and I loved it. It was fun to talk to all the members and get closer to them and see all the cute little kids 🙂 

This week was pretty crazy! Also, from all the rain, I got a cold but it didn´t even matter because we did a lot of fun things and it was a happy nice week 🙂 I hope you all the same and that this week you will be super blessed and feel the love of Heavenly Father 🙂 

Love and miss you all!

Hermana Christiansen

IMG_0917 IMG_0948 IMG_0926 IMG_0939 IMG_0918 IMG_0951 IMG_0935 IMG_0947 IMG_0943 IMG_0945 IMG_0936 IMG_0942 IMG_0916 IMG_0944 IMG_0938 IMG_0924 IMG_0928 IMG_0933 IMG_0950


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