This week was CRAZY! We did so many things ahaha but it was a really awesome week! The first thing we did…went to Monumento in Rosario!!!!!!! It was GREAT! I really loved it, we spent the whole day there and at the Paraná river. We went up to the top of the monument and it was lots of fun! I was a little tired afterwards but it was worth it! Monday was going to be the day when María got her interview to be baptized but she didn´t show up so we left it until Tuesday. 

Tuesday, we found out that one of our less actives had died and it was really sad because her brother ended up NEVER letting us see her and then we died before we got the chance to talk to her, but now she isn´t suffering anymore and she is at peace. So that afternoon, we walked to where she supposedly was. But she wasn´t there. We didn´t understand the fact that she was at the funeral home and not the hospital due to a lack of spanish knowledge about these things. haha, it was actually funny because we had no idea what it was called so we walked all of Pergamino to find it, but we eventually did. We stayed like 5-10 minutes because we had to go back for the interview of María. So we walked ALL the way back and by the time we got back to our area, we had been in 4 different areas of Pergamino. haha BUT we made it, María had her interview, and the baptism was set for 6 PM Saturday!!!!!!!! Woohoo!

Wednesday didn´t calm down any….we got up super early and went to the funeral of María Luisa, the lady who died and it was sad but good to see so many members of the church there to support the family who are also all members. She and her brother were the first missionaries in Argentina. They have done SO much for the church. It´s amazing. After, in the night, we had classes of Preach My Gospel. Only one person showed up, but it went really well. We explained what Preach My Gospel is and why it is important for all the members. It was great 🙂

Thursday, was pretty normal. We had a small miracle. We went to a less active lady that some members told us to go to. They told us to be careful because the dad is SUPER inactive and usually lies and tells the missionaries no, she´s not there when she is. He doesn´t like missionaries. So we went and he was outside so we just straight up asked if his daughter was there and he said yes and let us in. It was a miracle and he was super nice to us so that was actually a great miracle we had, out of all the miracles we had this week 🙂 

Friday, was even closer to the baptism so we went and cleaned out the baptismal font! Woohoo, it was pretty exciting….then we had planned a family home evening activity in the church but we stood there for two hours and no one showed up…that was pretty sad…BUT we had time to go to our house and make a couple of cakes for the baptism 🙂 haha

Saturday….WAS THE BAPTISM!!!!!!! We went super early to fill up the font and wait for people to come! María has 8 other brothers so with all her family there and friends, there were a lot of people and it was SO EXCITING! There were so many there to support her and she was just so excited the entire time! It was a great baptism and you could just feel an energy that the members don´t usually have that was there at the baptism and at church yesterday. It was PERFECT to have this baptism, everyone is really excited and it really brought the spirit to lots of people…and yesterday she got confirmed and she had this glow about her that was surreal. She looked SO good and SO different. I am just beyond happy 🙂 

So yeah, this week was pretty crazy. FULL of miracles, hard times, and all that good stuff! haha I learned SO MUCH this week about patience and how important it is to follow the spirit and most especially stand up for what you believe. What you feel or what the spirit is telling you in your heart. I had the VERY strong impression to go to María Luisa before she died but we never went. And she died. So that was sad. Then I had the very strong impression that María would pass her interview because she needed to be baptized and SHE DID. So there was two great examples of what happens when you follow the spirit and no. And I learned my lesson this week. 

Anyways, I hope you all have a super blessed week this week and that you always have the spirit with you to help others! And that you get blessed 🙂 I love and miss you all! 


Hermana Christiansen

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