This week, I completely forgot it was 9-11 until it was 9-12 but anyways….hope everyone had an awesome week! For me, this week went by SUPER fast! Working and working and working some more! We found some awesome people this week and also lost a few who didn´t want to listen. It´s sad when that happens. But you keep moving forward, knowing someone else will help them in a way that for right now, you can´t.

This week was super interesting because it was the first week working with Hermana Cerna and I always get a little nervous about that because working with someone you don´t know can be REALLY different. BUT this week was awesome! We got a lot accomplished and it was awesome to get to know more about my companion. One thing she taught me this week was to love every single person, even if you don´t know anything about them! There were some people we passed by and she was thinking about how to help them and was completely focused on them! It was incredible because if I don´t know a person I just kinda brush it off and think, no. I don´t even know them anyway. But she taught me that you should just love everyone and if they need help…Help them!!!! Even if you know nothing about them. It was a great lesson to learn this week that I want to put into practice!
Anyways, this week was pretty great! I´m excited to keep working and for all the memories I´ll make and people to help!  🙂
Hermana Christiansen
DSC08121 DSC08122

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