Hey, hope everyone had an awesome week! This week was pretty rainy and crazy, but it was awesome! 🙂 We had splits with the hermanas in centro, and while we were walking wednesday morning, it starts DOWNPOURING like crazy, but beside all that, we taught an awesome lesson filled with the Spirit! It´s amazing what can happen when you keep a good attitude and just keep working even though it´s raining like crazy or something doesn´t go the way you want it to. The truth is that Satan has LOTS of power and will do anything to make us think more like him, miserable. But this day, I just couldn´t be down because we saw so many miracles! I love this gospel 🙂

This week, Friday, we had a huge conference with President Zanni and his wife and the whole zone of Pergamino. We were in the church from 9:45 until like 6, it was SO LONG but it was the thing we all needed to keep working and trying our best! I learned so much and the one thing I realized is that when we go to conferences or meetings or anything else, to really understand what God is trying to tell us we need to go with a question or something on our mind because God will really answer our prayers when we do this! If we just go just to go, we will never learn fully what we need to change and do better! Before this meeting, I was thinking about how I need to have more faith, how I can be more obedient, and had those things in the back of my mind. And the whole conference was about just those two things! It was amazing! I was able to set some goals to help me keep growing and getting better and being a better missionary and it really helped my testimony grow strong about the fact that God really does answer us, just not in the way we expect most of the time! 

This week was great for me, I really learned a lot and recieved a lot of answers that really I wasn´t expecting! It´s so important to have faith and just trust that God knows better than we do. Not be lazy and do nothing, but work with the fact that God knows better, and while in this journey we call life, that he will help us every single time we mess up or don´t understand. He will help us! I know that. I´ve learned it, seen it, and felt it. I am beyond grateful for this Gospel and know with all my heart and soul that this is what God wants for us, to be happy, to become like our older brother, Jesus, and to make mistakes so we can learn from them! 

I hope everyone has such a blessed week and keep on keeping on! haha


Hermana Christiansen


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