General Conference!

Hey, wasn´t that a great general conference? Wow, I learned so much! Just like the conference of the zone, I went with something in mind, but God answered me in a way I never would have thought. I hope everyone had the same experience! Right after the conference yesterday, we went to a member and asked her how it was for her and she had learned something completely different than I did. That is how God mysteriously yet amazingly works! It was amazing!

So the week before general conference was pretty crazy, we got a lot done and helped a lot of people. We got two people who now have a goal for a baptismal date, and we just worked and worked and the closer it got to Saturday the longer the days got! haha we were all super excited! I went to General Conference with the thought in my mind of how I could be a more patient person and how I really need help to finish the mission with all my heart and soul and when the apostles and prophet spoke, I really got the message that I am a loved daughter of God and that I should repent and try to be better in this way and really that women are important to God, and that I really am important. Maybe we don´t get the answer in the way we expect but we get it. This really helped me to follow strong until the end of my mission. I still have four months but they are going by really fast so, I´m excited to see what these four months bring me and how I can grow and change! 

I really hope everyone had the same experience and if you learned anything, the thing you learned should be put into practice! I always say this but I know it is the most important thing you can do! This is the thing that has changed me more than anything! Actually doing what the prophets say and not just listening and “living my life”, seriously! Put God up to the challenge, he can face it! You´ll see that He will bless you! 

Love you all lots, have the best week in October ever! 🙂 


Hermana Christiansen

DSC08174 DSC08176 DSC08177


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