The fastest week of my life!!!

Hey everyone! I don`t know about you all but this week went by SO fast! Either we were REALLY busy or it went by super fast! haha this week was a good one! 

This week went by fast but not because we had so many activities or anything, because we didn`t, we were just working and working and working. Also because it is really hot so I would get super tired during the day and at night would sleep so well because I would get so tired during the day haha But this week was good because we found some great people, are teaching others, and the work just keeps moving forward as it always does. 

One thing I learned this week was the importance of diligence. Diligence in the work means to get to every appointment, thinking of everyone, and talking to as many people as you can. But I learned something more than just that kind of diligence. Diligence is required in everything in the gospel and life. You have to be diligent in keeping the commandments, in work, in family, in school, in everything. Diligence is more than just working until the end then being lazy because you were already diligent and that`s it. But is working until the end. Enduring to the end. It is going even if you are tired. It is being faithful. It`s amazing and gets results. 🙂 Diligence is so important. I learned that very important lesson. But not running more than you have strength of course. 

Anyways, this week went good. I am happy and can`t wait to keep working and working and working! Love you all and hope you have an awesome week! 🙂


Hermana Christiansen

IMG_0632 IMG_0639 IMG_0649 IMG_0650 IMG_0645 IMG_0651 IMG_0648


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