Week….way too fast!

Hey everyone! Hope everyone had a blessed and happy week! This week went WAY too fast! haha Can`t believe there`s only three weeks of the transfer left. Excitement! 

So this week started off with interviews with President Zanni. It made me realize how much I have grown in the mission and how much more I can change! It was a great interview and got me really excited for the rest of my…mission really! Everyday, I am starting to realize I am getting closer and closer to the end….I’m really excited to keep working and finding new people 🙂

This week we met a BUNCH of great people, I hope that they accept our message and feel of God´s love for them. Also this week we had our changes that we do! I stayed in my area with Hermana Ribeiro from Brazil and it went really well! We only got lost one time! hahahaha We had a nice family home evening, watching the restoration/testimony meeting with some investigators and members. The funnest part was when we REALLY got lost. The next day, we had to go to district meeting in Capitán Bermudez, which is like 10-15 minutes in bus. I had never gone, so I didn´t really know where we were going. HOWEVER, with like an hour before district meeting, the zone leaders called us and told us that we were changing districts. That we would no longer be in the district of San Lorenzo but with the elders from Capitán Bermudez. And we ended up no longer having district meeting. And, with the new rule we have of not leaving the house with our cell phones, we tried to call the hermanas but they didn´t answer because they had already left and didn´t have their cell phone. So, we had no choice but to go to Capitán Bermudez because we couldn´t call the hermanas and tell them to go somewhere closer. So we went and got off the wrong bus stop and had to walk around asking people where OUR church was. We were like, “Hi, we´re the missionaries and we were wondering where our church is?” hahahahaha it was HILARIOUS. So, we end up finding the church and the elders are there but have NO IDEA that we changed districts and don´t have district meeting. So when they were there and the hermanas got there we ended up having to explain that the districts were changed and everything. hahaha then we went back to Baigorria but we missed the first bus so we had to wait for the next one for like 20 minutes. hahahahaha oh, it was an adventure! It was pretty fun 😉 But that night was a good one!

The first week of the transfer, we found a girl named Sofia. She has the same birthday as me 🙂 She just turned 15. She has a lot of problems with depression and suicide but we started talking to her and started helping her and it has been really good because little by little she has been progressing and the night after we got super lost, we went to Sofia and starting talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ and she opened up to us so much and told us everything, and we invited her to church and she went!!!!!!! She accepted a date for baptism the 28 so we are excited to work with her and help her get to her baptismal date and see her progress. In the beginning we thought that she was a member already but nope! So we are excited to work and help her 🙂 

Saturday was the first day we had without running to all our appointments and having so many set times with people. It was pretty relaxing so that was good for us 🙂 We got to meet some pretty awesome people 🙂 

Anyways, this week was pretty darn awesome! Learned a lot and I´m excited to keep working until the end! I love this gospel and the work I do! It´s hard work, and it is getting really hot here BUT I love working through it all and seeing the change in these special people! I love you all!

Con amor

Hermana Christiansen

IMG_0616 IMG_0612 IMG_0615


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