Hey merry Christmas everyone! This week was really fun and we are excited to party for Christmas and also work really hard 🙂 

This week was pretty fun! We had lots of adventures teaching and visiting people but mostly we were pretty normal haha. A good week overall.

Yesterday we had a really fun activity of the navidad…I mean christmas….We went pretty early to the church then started making cookies and decorated bags to put the cookies in. We played a lot, ate lunch, then after taking lots of pictures, we went to an old people home and sang and gave them cookies and talked to them. It was so nice, I loved it! I felt really good giving this service to them because some have family that don`t ever visit them and they are all alone during Christmas so it was really nice to do that for them 🙂 I could feel so much love for them 🙂 

I hope during this Christmas time you can all find more time to share your love, tell someone hi, help out a family member, or simply do what Christ would do in all times! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas filled with family and love! I love you all! 


Hermana Christiansen


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