Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! My new year was pretty great. It mostly consisted of setting lots of new goals for the upcoming year and starting on packing my bags. But fun! We got lots of food from everyone and ate lots of ice cream! Yummmm 🙂 I can`t believe the end has come but it is time…

This week, I was feeling kinda yucky because of how hot and humid it is here….and there was one morning when we got up and my head hurt a lot and I was really tired and it was really hot and I really did NOT want to leave. But every single time I thought we should stay, something told me we should not. And I fought and fought, because I just wanted to stay inside but everytime…it told me to not stay to go out and work…SO even though I felt kinda bad and it was hot, we went out and worked and by the end of the day we had one person with a baptismal date who basically is a member of the church, she just needs to recieve the lessons and be baptized, whose mom is a member just about 6 months behind, who has gone to church a few times already and is going to go to efy, and basically is a very very easy baptism. SO that was a great miracle and also by the end of the day I felt a lot better! It just goes to show that if you push yourself just a little and trust that what the Lord is telling you to do is the thing that you should do…DO IT and he will bless you a lot…

That`s the thing I`ve learned the most in my mission. Just trust in the Lord. He ALWAYS got your back. He never lets you fall. He loves you and wants to help you but sometimes we are the stubborn ones. Sometimes we are the ones who push him out and he can`t help us that way…then we ask where the heck is God and he`s just there waiting for us to actually accept him! I`ve done that many times and it never works. It never works until we are truly humble. If we go down to the deeepest depts of humility, he will help us and we won`t just get past or get rid of our trials but we will be able to overcome them and learn from them and let them help us grow! 

In the beginning of my mission, I pushed God out a lot. I wanted to learn this darn language but I thought that I could do it all myself, and I really didn`t have a good enough relationship with God to believe he would actually help me but little by little I learned. Little by little I grew and I KNEW that He would help me in whatever thing I ask. But if I am obediente and faithful. 

Another thing I learned is that you should always love your companion. In other words, you need to believe that God loves you and wants you to grow enough to send you good companions and hard ones. I`ve had some hard times and sometimes I wasn`t the best with my companions but every single one of them helped me in some way or another. Some with love, some with patience, some with obedience, others with just enjoying the mission and making the most of every moment. God usually answers us through other people and in the mission, he answered me through my companions. I`m grateful for every single one I`ve had. I love them all. 🙂

Well, I`ve learned WAYYYYY too many things to write them all here in this email but I guess I would say the biggest thing I learned is the the atonement of Christ is real and helps us one and all. Christ loved (and loves) us so much that he suffered until he bled from every pore. He understands us because he has truly suffered all our heartaches and pains. He really understands what it is like when we feel hurt and because of him we can become clean again. We can be free from sin. He loves us so much that he died and rose again the third day. So that one day we can rise and be perfected in him. I have grown to love him so much and what he did for me. I have never felt so close to anyone in my entire life. I KNOW he loves me and I KNOW that he suffered for me and I KNOW he is the only one who truly understands me and is the only one who can truly lift me up when I fall down. The atonement is real and it works. We must only let him in because he stands at the door and knocks but who has the key? We do. WE must let him in through our obedience, and a broken heart and contrite spirit. 

There are many more things I could say but basically I know that this gospel is true, it is the gospel of Christ. I know the church was restored through Joseph Smith and that he was a prophet of God. I know that he translated the Book of Mormon through the power of God and we are truly blessed to have this book, to know exactly the will of God in all times and in all things. I know that families can be together forever. My family is a forever family and I love them beyond words. One day, we`ll be together forever and happy 🙂 I mean, happier, happier than ever before! 🙂 I know all these things for myself and you can too if only you get down on your knees and pray about it. He is listening and wants to answer. And He will answer.

In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 

I love you all and see you SOOOOOOON! 


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