Hey everyone! Hope everyone has had a great week! This week seemed to go by REALLY fast! haha Every Monday just comes faster and faster! This week we worked a LOT, we focused a LOT on giving cards to everyone and giving those all away!

Also we had an AWESOME noche de hogar…I mean….family home evening….with some of our investigators and a family that just BARELY got sealed in the temple like 2 weeks ago! It was great because this family we are teaching doesn`t want to get married, well they do but they are hestitant, and they were able to hear the testimonies of this couple that got sealed and the spirit was so strong, in the end they said that they would go and get a date to get married! 🙂 We were so happy and excited for them! One can really know if he or she is on the right path through the spirit and when it testifies it is so strong! I could really feel that this was something important and I know they could feel it as well so we are just waiting until they go do that very important thing! 

Also this week we bought new mattresses! YEAH! I was starting to have a little bit of back pain these last couple weeks so we ended up asking for the money and bought new ones and the difference has been amazing!!!! So that was pretty exciting hahaha

Also, during this week one day it just started raining SO much. We were soaking wet but we went to the appointment we already had and they didn`t have power and they told us that and we asked to use their bathroom and nothing more so they let us come in then we ended up teaching them the restoration and it really was a miracle! hahaha So we`ll see what happens this week…

Also another funny thing is that everyone keeps asking me and my companion if we are sisters! This week we decided that because we have so much in common that we are! Long lost sisters at least! hahahha this transfer has been fun, I can`t wait for the rest! 

Anyways, I hope everyone can be able to share “A Savior is Born” and feel of the spirit from that video! I love and miss you all! 


Hermana Christiansen


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