Week one…

Hey everyone! Hope everyone had a FANTASTIC week! With lots of Christmas cheer! haha This week was great for me…a lot of things happened…

The first thing is that we met SO many people giving away “A Savior is Born” cards. We have the goal of giving out 10 everyday (5 for each one of us) and we have been SUPER focused in doing this and we found some really awesome people who have potencial and we are just running around like crazy, as usual! Haha. We even met this one old couple who watched the video with us on their phone and afterwards, they wanted to take a picture with us!!! It was awesome! Watching that video just brought the spirit so strongly and I don`t know if they could feel it but we sure could! It was great! I`m really excited for this week to go back and see if they will progress and everything. Even if they don`t accept, I know that we made just a little bit of a difference and we did our part…

Also this week we had stake conference and it was great to listen to all the messages of our amazing leaders here in Argentina. The focus here is on ward council and making those meetings more useful and eficient. Also on the sabbath day. It was great. Also, because me and my companion almost have the same name, President Zanni made us stand up and told everyone that we were the sisters Christensen and if anyone had questions, they should ask us….so afterwards, everyone came and asked if we were sisters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha president knows the difference, he just thought he was really funny šŸ˜‰ hahaha it was pretty funny….

Another funny experience I had this week…Saturday, we spent the ENTIRE morning walking and found noone….so we decided that on the way home we would talk with EVERYONE we saw on the street and give out cards…so we start walking and see this little old lady pulling her cart full of food and we asked her if we could help. She kinda nodded her head but more like she didn`t understand so I asked her louder if she wanted help and she said yes. So we ask where she lives and it`s evident that she can`t talk. Only just made some sounds so we decide to help and follow her to her house….as we were walking, she communicated to us that she lived pretty far away and we thought she was exaggerting a little so we just said okay and followed….we walk for a good thirty minutes, (almost in silence) and get to her house. After walking in the burning sun, in probably 90 degrees, and dust and not so safe area, we get to her house and she`s waves to us saying thanks and goes inside….and that was that….so then we walk all the way home….It was the funniest experience I ever had because afterwards, I couldn`t understand why we were directed to her and helped her and everything. Why God would send her to us. but as I thought about it, that`s what christ would do, isn`t it? Help the disabled because no one else would? Walk the extra mile just to make this person feel loved? Help them, knowing that they are sons and daughters of God? After helping this special person who couldn`t talk, I felt so good. I felt like I was really becoming a disciple of Christ. Maybe she couldn`t talk,and we didn`t get another investigator BUT we helped a special daughter of God and I know that Christ was happy that we followed his example. It`s morning I won`t easily forget….

I love you all and miss you! Have a great week! Share A Savior is Born with EVERYONE! @christmas.mormon.org!!!!!!!!! DO IT

Hermana Christiansen

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